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Modular Research AFM Corvus

TipsNano Company announces New Development - Modular Research AFM Corvus

Advantages of Corvus:

  • modular

  • decoupled X,Y,Z flexure stage with high accuracy optical sensor

  • open design of measuring head

  • high resolution

  • powerful software for image acquisition and processing



  • Scan area: 60x60x15 μm

  • Scanner Type: XYZ stage
  • Resonant frequency XY - 1 kHz
  • Resonant frequency Z - 30 kHz
  • Nonlinearity  <0.1%
  • Availability of optical interference sensors
  • Range of manual sample positioning: 5х5mm
  • The accuracy of manual sample positioning: 5 um
  • AFM spatial resolution (XY, lateral) <0.1 nm
  • AFM spatial resolution (Z, vertical)         <0.01 nm

Over 30 SPM modes realized: 

  • Contact modes: measurement of normal forces, lateral forces, topography (feedback error), force curves
  • Tapping modes: non-contact and semi-contact methods, topography (feedback error)
  • Phase contrast
  • Jumping Mode
  • measurement of surface potentials
  • Scanning Kelvin probe
  • Spreading resistance
  • Magnetic and electrical force microscopy

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Latex microspheres on the substrate.
scan size 10х10 um.
Cantilever NSG03, Tapping mode.
Images of the DNA molecules deposited on
mica. scan size 160х160 nm.
Cantilever FMG01_SS, Tapping mode.


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